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Self-taught textile painter


I have started painting to clear my mind and fill my spirit with joyful colours and beautiful imagery.
Since 2013 my passion has gone through many steps and has led me to create special pieces for the home and the wonderful travel adventures.
Collecting vintage Safari jackets at different markets for several years, each piece is unique! I draw my inspiration from nature and old stamps from all over the world.

Rough and strong fabrics collected since years, turned into large pillows, wall-hangings or even special tablecloths.

Painting with natural colours and followed by a special care to ensure the colours will eventually fade but never disappear, I create each piece with dedication and attention!

Atelier Moki Musa


Follow my creative processes via my Instagram Stories @ateliermokimusa and learn more for summer workshops in my atelier!

If you wish to see my collaboration with The Palmist Club click here.

If you wish to order something unique or collaborate please email me

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